Social Security Disability Law in Orangeburg, SC

If you’ve been hurt or diagnosed with an illness and you’re forced to leave work, you may be eligible to Social Security benefits. The Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability program was created to provide assistance to people with disabilities and their families. If you have a disability, worked for the required length of time and paid social security taxes, you’re entitled to benefits based on financial need.

In some cases, you may be denied for benefits requested or told you don’t qualify. Don’t give up – turn to an attorney who is experienced handling cases related to Social Security benefits. Dean Law Firm LLC has over 35 years of experience taking cases just like yours to court. We will help you understand your options, establish qualifications or help you get Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Clyde C. Dean Jr. understands that this is an emotional and difficult time. Make sure your rights are protected by scheduling a free consultation today!

Social Security Disability

Social Security pays benefits to people who can’t work because they have a medical condition that’s expected to last at least one year or result in death. Federal law requires this very strict definition of disability. While some programs give money to people with partial disability or short-term disability, Social Security does not.

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